Bonki Rushdi Tojikiston has 9 branches in various regions of the Republic of Tajikistan, who provide the whole classic spectrum of banking services. (…)


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Main Sphere of Development

The new status of CJSC“Bonki Rushdi Tojikiston” as the daughter-bank of Tojik Sodirot Bonk since November 2011 defines the Bank’s development and further progression in the banking market. Bonki Rushdi Tojikiston main development sphere is the need to reach high competitiveness, develop the branch network, and advance into remote areas of the country through the banking service centres (BSC), as well as the need to reach success in the sphere of plastic cards and innovations, increase the Banks capital and its assets, create a mobile and quality loan portfolio, earn customer trust, and increase the deposit base. .

The Bank Priorities

Increase of assets and capital by development of new approaches for the creation of products and services, as well as expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation with the international financial institutions in order to attract foreign investments.

  • Further development of corporative culture, high employee qualifications and existence of conditions for their professional growth through the central office's educational centre, preparation of professional staff in all banking spheres.
  • Policy for giving priority loans for the real economic sector and reaching a specific weight for small loans of up to 70 percent loan portfolio remains unchanged.
  • Improve the quality of client services, and providing them with the full spectre of the Bank's innovative products and services.
Discovery of new business directions – plastic business, online banking, insurance services.

The Bank's Mission

The Bank's mission is to become one of the best banks in the country. Our clients and their demands, financial well-being, their future, goals and dreams is the base of all the Bank's activities.

The corporate management ethics is reached by a team of like-minded people, who are united by a common culture of values. The Bank's mission is set of principles and values in order to reach the set goals.

Bank sees its development philosophy through:Responsibility and decency:

  • Aspiration to reach goals
  • Responsibility and decency
  • Respect to the clients
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Active life
  • Professionalism
  • Ability to be kind to people
  • Healthy living
  • Desire to be first in everything and to be needed for the clients
  • Ability to strive for the future through knowledge of the present
  • Overpower the road through innovation to progress.

Exchange rates

-10,5603 TJS


Bonki Rushdi Tojikiston is increasing its presence in all the regions of Tajikistan, and plans to considerably expand the network of its Banking Service Centres. For the period of 2013 and early 2014 35

Banking Service Centres have been opened by the Bank. (…)



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